Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last Call for Peace Postcards!

Peace card by Damon Reynolds, Berkeley, CA

Over the last two months I have been curating postcards that speak out against nuclear weapons and advocate for peace. These postcards, documented on, will be exhibited at the United Nations Mexico City conference from September 9-11. I will also discuss this postcard project at a conference workshop. The premise of this project is that civil society all around the world can speak out about social justice through art. Hand-made postcards are perfect vehicles for delivering such messages openly and succinctly.

For those who have created and mailed a postcard to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those who haven’t made a card yet, there is still time. The deadline is September 1, but I will continue to accept cards until I leave for Mexico City. So far, 131 cards have been collected – I would love to reach or exceed my personal goal of 300 cards. It would be wonderful to demonstrate the power of the simple postcard.

Mail postcards to P. Otani, Curator, “Zero NW Zero WMD: Create a Culture of Peace Now!” 263 Laidley Street, San Francisco, CA 94131 USA.

from Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art

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