Thursday, October 21, 2010


ARC Gallery is a non-profit, alternative space run by a collective of women artists since its inception in 1973. ARC is proud to be hosting “INTIMACY” a group exhibition juried by ANDREA GREEN, Director of the Visiting Artists Program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Previously, Green was Associate Curator at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis where she curated the exhibitions Janaina Tschäpe: Melantropics, Laylah Ali: Painting and Drawings, and co-curated Contemporary Masterworks: Saint Louis Collects and Alexander Ross: Survey.

Deadline for Submissions: December 5, 2010

All submissions are to be by email to

This juried exhibition aims to explore the notion of “intimacy” as it affects art-making. How can feelings be represented in the formal expression of art? “Intimacy” can be about the sense of belonging-a sense that you are not alone in the world, that others are literate in your thoughts and feelings. “Intimacy” can be an attachment to a person

or thing that allows you to remain tethered to the world. This juried exhibition aims to explore how notions of intimacy can inform artistic practices and how art can portray the many aspects of intimacy, including, but not limited to, relationships between people, people and things, creator and object, individual and environment, private and public. We would like the entries to consider ideas of: scale, familiarity, proximity, closeness, tenderness, attachment, (inner or inmost nature), being knowledgeable about. While we welcome work that engages intimacy as subject matter, we are primarily interested in investigations of intimacy as a concept in art-making. Artists should examine not only the meanings of intimacy, but its expression in formal, social, social and political contexts.

Open to all artists working in any media.

On-line application. To download prospectus for “Intimacy” follow this link:

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