Monday, March 29, 2010

knit-a-thon -Sifu Design Studio & Fine Yarns is a creative hub where people meet and share Ideas!

I am in the process of opening a shop in Chicago, I want to create a hub of creative people, artists, crafters, fiber artists, and host a fund raiser for this space. I want to create a network of these artists to come and share ideas/collaborate on projects. Sifu Design Studio & Fine Yarns is a creative hub where people meet and share Ideas!

I want to have a kind of knit-a-thon where people pledge per inch of fabric knit or per hour knitting. The entire thing would be video taped, over time-lapse video. People would come with their scrap yarn see how long we can all knit for. There would also be a silent auction of pieces while the knit-a-thon is going on. This could be the type of event were we could have a life feed on my web site, and just like PBS, have people call in and donate to the cause. The cause of uniting fiber artists, getting knitting known as a not just a feminine craft but as a community building activity. Where people can stitch and bitch, and be strong, and where men can create things, and not be afraid that they are stereotypically "girly" for doing so. That knitting and the needle arts is an art form!!

This is my project I did a while back, but I would really like to see it revived!

I would like to do a performance piece where knitters or crocheters gather together in the WCA conference in February, where during the speeches/lectures people are knitting 3"x3" color squares that will be put together by myself as a giant afghan or quilt. But this image will be of a giant penis, or a giant vagina. Something having to do with gender identification. Knitting or hand needle work is considered a traditionally female craft and a homemakers job where you knit your kids a sweater, knit your hubby a scarf, knit yourself a teapot cozy. These things are well and good but i want to challenge the idea of a feminine craft with a juxtaposed image as strangely jarring as a penis. And since this is going to be put together over time it could be that people don't realize what it is until most of the image is done. I am hoping to video tape hundreds of knitters in New York knitting in public places (like the subway, busses, coffee shops, parks) and in the conference to knit these squares that would be put together and then displayed at the Ceres Gallery in the summer of 2011. The piece could be put together at the conference in February if we have enough knitters, or at the gallery in the summer. However the piecing together would be time-lapsed so you can see this process unfold in a few minuets.

Performance in the winter conference for the show at "Ceres" gallery in The summer of 2011.

Let me know what you think.

Lisa Whiting

Artist/ Designer/ Teacher/ Owner

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