Friday, July 3, 2009

RavenswoodArtWalk Announces Artist Deadline Extended to July 8th

RavenswoodArtWalk Announces

Artist Deadline Extended to July 8th

The applications are pouring in and so are some really great questions.

Since we want to be sure everyone is fully informed, we are answering your FAQ's and giving you an extra week to register.

On to the FAQ's...


Q. Will you provide space for me if I don't have a studio in Ravenswood?

A. Absolutely! We will locate a space in the corridor for your art/performance/etc

Q. How much space do I get for $35?

A. Last year the spaces were an average of 15-20 linear feet for artists that needed wall space. The performance spaces and installation spaces were based on the needs of the artists and varied.

Q. I have a business in Ravenswood and want to showcase my business, how do I register?

A. On the registration form you can select business and put the name of your business as the listing.

Q. I do more than just one of the options (for example: painting and music) but the application makes me choose only one.  How do I let you know I do both?

A. At the bottom of the application is a place where you can add additional comments.  In this space, please indicate what your needs are and will contact you later this month to make any necessary accommodations.

Q. I am in a band and we walk to perform at ArtWalk.  How much do you pay?

A. We do not pay any artists to be in the Ravenswood ArtWalk.  All artists, whether they are painters, dancers, poets, filmmakers and yes, even bands pay RAW $35 for inclusion in our event.  If you are a band, please mark musical performance on your application.  We will contact you about scheduling the performance area that is best for your musical act.

Q. I am in a group of artists and we want to exhibit together. Can we all exhibit for $35?

A. No. Each artist must pay the $35 application fee. Have each artist indicate the group name on the application form and we will ensure that everyone in the group is located in one building. When we print the map, each artist's name will be listed under the group name.

Q. I am a returning artist and loved my space last year.  How can I be sure to get the same space again?

A. Just write a note in the additional comment area at the bottom of the application and we will do our best to honor your request.

Q. Is the $35 fee an application for a jury show?

A. No. $35 is the only fee.  RAW is not a juried show.  RAW's mission is to bring awareness of the artists that live and work in the Ravenswood Corridor.  Your payment of $35 ensures your inclusion in this year's event and supports our mission.

Q. What do I get for my $35 registration fee?

A. Exhibition space, Web presence on our website and a link to your website, Your name on printed map (10,000 impressions), 50 maps for distribution, 50 postcards for distribution, 10 posters, invitation to opening reception.

Q. Do I have to pay by PayPal?

A. No you can mail a check to 4147 N Ravenswood Chicago IL 60613 or drop off a check or cash at the same address Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Q. How do I know if my registration is complete?

A. You will be contacted later this month with confirmation and additional information.

Phew... Ok now head over to

today and take advantage!

Ravenswood ArtWalk • 4147 N Ravenswood • Chicago, IL 60613

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